Sacramento Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence aka STAND, got its start in 2000 as Students Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence through tobacco prevention work done at college campuses by student advocates.

Through the Learn, Breathe, Choose campaign, STAND advocated for the University of California and California State Universities to divest from tobacco stock, stop selling tobacco on campus and policies that prevented exposure of secondhand smoke in dorms and in outdoor areas on campus. STAND has been very involved with the Los Rios community college campuses since 2002 as well, helping to establish and amend smoke-free policies, providing trainings and technical assistance and distributing quit smoking kits through the student health centers.

STAND has had several other projects over the years, including Live, Breathe, Choose, a campaign that empowers and organizes the community to demand smoke-free housing to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke where people live by encouraging multifamily housing owners and property managers to implement smoke-free policies., a joint project with the Rental Housing Association, is a result of this work, and is a searchable database of nonsmoking rentals throughout California.

The newest in STANDs line-up is the R3Crew (Research, Reach Out and Resources), a peer education research project that evolved from the original Street Team. R3Crew is more than a research project. It’s a chance to fight back. To fight the tobacco industry that spends millions of dollars every year targeting young adults for a life-long addiction. The R3Crew is a group of college students dedicated to helping their peers on college campuses become nicotine-free. The ReCrew is currently at Sacramento City College and hopeful to expand to all four of the Los Rios Community College District campuses in 2016. 

*Young adults ages 18 to 29 have the highest rates of smoking (21.8%) compared to all adults (16.2%), and who make up the majority of the population on college campuses--a natural place for tobacco control. And young adults with lower income have even higher smoking rates (24.6%) and tend to attend community colleges and vocational institutions, which eventually led STAND to work with these organizations on smoke-free campus policies and to provide peer-led cessation services.

STAND is a project of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, dedicated to healthy air and preventing lung and other air-pollution related diseases by partnering with youth, advocating public policy, supporting air pollution research, and educating the public.

 *California Health Interview Survey, 2009