Change Is In The Air (2015)

Change is in the Air at Sacramento City College (SCC) due to new healthier smoking requirements. Based on an extensive survey of students and employees opinions about smoking on campus and feedback from SCC’s participatory governance groups, a change in the current smoking policy will start in Fall 2014.

change is in the airIn addition to the current Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) policy of no smoking within 30 feet of building entrances, outdoor air intakes, and operable windows, there will now be no smoking on campus except in Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs). DSA’s can be found at various locations throughout the campus. See map. 

The changes apply to everyone on campus, including visitors and contractors. It covers all buildings and all campus property, except for parking lots and six Designated Smoking Areas.

The six DSAs will be covered, and all will have ashtray receptacles to promote safe and neat disposal of cigarettes.  They are away from building entrances, comply with current LRCCD requirements, and are respectful of students walking in high traffic areas on campus.

The campaign to promote the Designated Smoking Areas and educate everyone on campus is called “Change is in the Air.” Smokers will need to become familiar with the new smoking areas and refrain from smoking in non-designated areas. Non‐smokers should remember to be courteous when reminding people who smoke to use the DSA’s.  Click here to read the new standard.