Child Labor & Tobacco

Child Labor

Children working in the tobacco fields is a tragedy.

  • A 1993 study found that of children living on tobacco estates, 78 percent of 10-14 year olds and 55 percent of 7-9 year olds worked full or part-time. 1
  • In India an estimated 325,000 children work rolling "bidis," thin cigarettes wrapped in the flavorful tendu leaf. Up to 50% of these children are bonded laborers, sold as slaves to their employers. 2
  • In Brazil, almost 70% of the tobacco farm workers are under the age of 18.
  • Children are more susceptible to green tobacco sickness (GTS), a type of nicotine poisoning which is caused by the absorption of nicotine through the skin during harvest.
  • Tobacco companies have asked that school schedules be rearranged so children can be available to work in the tobacco fields.

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