Folsom Lake College Joins the Fight Against Tobacco

Approximately 16%-26% of college students smoke with even higher rates among community college students. Folsom Lake College (FLC) joins the movement across the nation in implementing a stronger no smoking policy. 

STAND Program staff were instrumental for FLC reaching this achievement. Gaining the support of staff, faculty and students was the result of several efforts provided by STAND staff.   To initiate the discussion STAND conducted presentations to student groups, faculty and administration. As necessary, STAND provided technical assistance to the ad-hoc planning group.  For FLC to determine the best strategy for implementation of a stricter policy, STAND staff assisted with public opinion polls of students, staff and faculty. STAND provided recommendations for the locations of the designated smoking areas (DSA), and verbiage for the new signage, emails, and handbills.

Throughout this process STAND staff kept the impact of smoking on a college campus at the forefront. Through the billions of butts campaign (B.O.B.), a tobacco litter clean up event, the hazards associated with tobacco litter were brought to the attention of the campus community and 6,609 pieces of tobacco litter were collected in the fall of 2011 at FLC in one day. 

STAND staff is available to assist community colleges and vocational institutions in Sacramento County in their efforts to move towards a healthier campus through implementation or revision of smoke-free policies.  Contact Carol Maytum at 916-444-5900 x 206 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.