Folsom Updated Their Tobacco Control Ordinance

The City Council of Folsom updated their tobacco control ordinance on April 14, 2015. The ordinance bans smoking in most public places, including some outdoor areas. The Council recognizes that smoking is the largest preventable cause of death and disability and air pollution caused by smoking is an offensive annoyance and irritant. Smoking results in serious and significant physical discomfort of nonsmokers and constitutes a public nuisance in public places and workplace.

The City Council finds that smoke free outdoor recreation areas, bike paths, and outdoor assembly areas reduce unwanted exposure to secondhand smoke, reduces fire hazards and exposure to smoking in certain areas.

The amendment to the smoking regulation includes prohibiting smoking in:

  • In all outdoor recreational areas.
  • Common areas in apartment buildings, condos, retirement facilities, nursing homes, mobile home parks and hospitals.
  • In all areas, interior units and common areas of multifamily rental projects where the City provides any financial assistance to the project after the effective date of the ordinance.
  • Requires any multifamily rental project to disclose the project’s smoking policy at the time an application is received and at the time of the lease.
  • Prohibits smoking on balconies and patios of all multifamily rental projects.

Lastly, the city also includes the use of electronic devices with electrical ignition or vaporization (e-cigarettes/cigars or similar devices). Therefore, electronic cigarettes are banned everywhere that other tobacco products are banned.
(Ordinance No. 1225)