Free Cessation Resources


As we work to create smoke-free, healthier environments, we know that smoking cessation services are a necessity. STAND is committed to providing the following to help clients and staff  “kick” the habit:

  • FREE Quit Kits for students and staff. Visit our website or stop by one of our campus events to request a kit that can help in the quitting process.
  • FREE on campus “on-the-spot” smoking cessation sessions for staff and clients who will receive quit kits, strategies for kicking the habit and follow up.  As a commitment to the clients and staff the online Quit Kit requests will be available to students who wish to quit at anytime.
  • FREE information on other tobacco issues and other resources for quitting.

Other Cessation Resources

  • Medi-Cal: Must be fee-for-service, covers the patch, bupropion and counseling once enrolled in the counseling portion to receive 2- 12 week programs per year
  • Kaiser Permanente: Free to Kaiser Members only, 6-session clinic and other medical aids provided after enrollment in quit program
  • Mercy General/ Mercy San Juan: Cost is $70 for anybody for 6 week program with weekly meetings focusing on behavior modification
  • Nicotine Anonymous: Free support groups for teens and adults in various locations
  • Sacramento County DHHS: Free to registered county patients. Offers smoking cessation workshops.
  • Personal insurance companies, like Blue Cross and Heath Net offer programs to quit smoking as well. Many require enrollment in counseling services to receive medication.