Rancho Cordova Passes Tobacco Ordinance

The City Council of Rancho Cordova unanimously passed a comprehensive tobacco control ordinance on June 2, 2014 that bans smoking in most public places, including outdoor areas. They wanted to update their outdated law so they held workshops and public meetings to get input from the community. STAND staff was there to provide them information on the dangers of secondhand smoke and the benefits to banning smoke in multifamily housing communities and outdoor public places.

The results are that the City of Rancho Cordova bans smoke in the following outdoor areas:

  • Public events (sports, farmers markets, festivals, concerts, entertainment, speaking performances, ceremonies, pageants and fairs).
  • Dining areas provided by eating establishments and bars, including outdoor patio areas
  • Entrances, exits, entryways of public areas
  • Courtyards
  • Any place where people are waiting (in lines, bus stops, ATMs, etc.)
  • Any place where food and/or drink is offered for sale and within 20 feet
  • Children’s play areas
  • Public gardens
  • Plazas,
  • Parks, open spaces, trails and recreation areas

In addition, smoking is prohibited in indoor common areas of multifamily housing (e.g., community rooms, health facilities, storage, laundry, etc.) and owners or property managers of multifamily residential properties are required to disclose to all rental applicants the property’s smoking policies and information on which units are designated as nonsmoking.

Lastly, the city also includes electronic smoking devices, otherwise known as electronic cigarettes, in their definition of tobacco. Therefore, electronic cigarettes are banned everywhere that other tobacco products are banned.

(Ordinance No. 13-2014)